What is travel insurance?

Travelling is all about discovering the unknown, so it’s no surprise that there can be a few hiccups along the way! Travel insurance is designed to help protect against financial loss that could occur before, or whilst travelling. However, the level of cover you have depends on the specific type of travel insurance policy you choose. We know that each traveller and trip is different, so SCTI’s policies include international comprehensive coverannual multi-tripmedical only coverworking overseasvisiting New ZealandInternational Student and domestic cover – find out more about these different types of policies to help you choose the right cover for you.


Why do you need travel insurance? 

Your next adventure may not always run as smoothly as planned, and the unexpected could occur - which is why travel insurance cover is essential, regardless of the type of trip, or your destination. In instances where travel does go wrong - from losing luggage, to cancelled flights, falling ill and accidents - without the right travel insurance cover you may be left out of pocket and find that added stress has more than dampened your relaxing holiday!


What does travel insurance cover? 

What is covered under your travel insurance will depend on the specific policy you choose. The maximum amount of cover also varies between providers and policies. Remember, all insurance policies will have terms, conditions and exclusions, so make sure you read the policy documents before buying your cover. Some of the most common benefits that can be included in a travel insurance policy are: 


What does travel insurance not cover? 

There are usually a range of activities, sports, events and medical conditions that most travel insurance policies don’t include or provide cover for (these will be listed in the ‘exclusions’ section of the policy documentation). Some events could be included as an optional add-on, and common ones are:

  • Moped or motorbike cover
  • Skiing or snowboarding cover
  • Cruise cover

It is important to read through your policy document in as much detail as possible and ensure you fully understand what you are and aren’t covered for before travelling. 


What is the best travel insurance? 

The best travel insurance for you will vary based on the type of trip you are planning, and what level of cover you are looking for. If you’re planning a holiday jam-packed full of activities and adventures, then the best type of insurance will be one that includes coverage for those specific activities you plan on taking part in. 

Similarly, if you are planning a cruising holiday or a skiing trip, there is certain extra cover that you’ll want to make sure are either included in your travel insurance policy, or offered as an optional add-on. Explore our range of travel insurance guides for different destinations and travel types, or discover how to choose travel insurance for more information!

Before choosing the right travel insurance policy, learn more about how travel insurance works  to help make the process as quick and easy for when you’re ready to purchase travel insurance. Remember, the right travel insurance policy for you and your next adventure is up to you, and reading the Product Disclosure Statements and TMD’s policy documents and understanding what is and isn’t covered is the best way to determine which cover is right for your trip.   

This page includes some information about our products but, as with all insurance policies, terms and conditions apply. For our terms and conditions (including information about exclusions, excesses and sub limits) we recommend you read the relevant policy documents to ensure our travel insurance products are right for you.

You can find the relevant documents for all our policies here: International Comprehensive, International Medical Only, Annual Multi-trip, Domestic, Working Overseas, Visiting New Zealand, International Student


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