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Win 20k for 2014 from Southern Cross Travel Insurance

Get great travel insurance…. It’s that easy.

With TravelCare you can relax and enjoy your overseas holiday, knowing that you are covered if the unexpected happens.

TravelCare Key Benefits

  • 24 hour worldwide emergency assistance
  • Overseas hospitalisation and medical expenses
  • Medical evacuation back to New Zealand
  • Travel cancellations and interruptions
  • Lost, stolen or damaged personal items, passports & travel documents
  • Personal accident
  • Personal liability
  • Rental vehicle excess

All policies come with Southern Cross Worldwide Assistance, giving you access to one of the world's largest networks of emergency medical resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fast, fair claims settlement

We always aim to settle claims promptly and fairly.

Quick and easy to arrange online or over the phone

When buying online you’ll save 35% on your base premium, or you can call us on 0800 800 571 to arrange your policy at the standard rate.

Discount for Southern Cross Health Society members

If you are a Southern Cross Healthy Scociety member, you will receive a discount on your base premium. You'll receive a further 35% off when you buy online.

Single Trip or Multi Trip policy

  • With a Single Trip policy you are covered for one leisure holiday overseas.
  • With a Multi Trip policy you can travel as often as you like for up to 90 days per journey over a 12 month period.

If you travel overseas more than three times a year, a Multi Trip policy may be more convenient and cost effective than buying a Single Trip policy for each individual trip.

For a full list of benefits covered and the conditions and exclusions that apply please refer to the PDS including Policy Wording.