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Coral beaches, lazy palms and vivid reefs under turquoise water; there are few places in the world that does tropical perfection like Fiji. The country offers adrenaline-pumping activities and serene relaxation in equal measure, making it a favourite for families, honeymooners and everyone in between.

However, travellers should remember that travelling to Fiji presents a number of dangers. Cyclones, reef scratches, and even food poisoning after a bad buffet meal can all threaten to turn your tropical getaway into a holiday to forget.

Great travel insurance is essential to protect yourself on holiday, and understanding what you’re covered for is the best way to avoid unexpected costs.


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Does my policy cover tropical cyclones?

Fiji is vulnerable to tropical cyclones, which usually occur around once per year between November and May. Unfortunately, these storms are often severe, causing significant damage and loss of life. Tropical cyclones also play havoc with airline schedules, and even relatively minor storms can leave travellers stranded due to flight cancellations.

If you’re visiting Fiji during the summer months when cyclones are most likely to occur, it’s important that you carefully monitor weather forecasts when planning your trip.

If your prepaid travel arrangements (such as flights, accommodation and excursions) need to be changed or cancelled because of an unexpected natural disaster in Fiji, and your insurance started before the event occurred, there is cover under the International Comprehensive policy if you need to cancel or change the dates of your prepaid travel plans.

If you are stuck overseas for more than 12 hours because your flight has been delayed or cancelled due to the unexpected event, we can cover the cost of any additional equivalent expense type, included scheduled transport and accommodation and living expenses incurred while you are waiting to return home.

If your insurance started after the natural disaster has occurred, you won’t be covered for any alteration costs incurred as a result of the natural disaster, such as cancelling or changing your original flight. However, you will still be covered for other unexpected events in accordance with your policy, such as having your personal belongings stolen or injuring yourself overseas.


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Am I covered for medical emergencies and hospital bills?

Whether you plan on exploring world-class dive sites, hidden trails, or just the activities on offer within the resort, your Fijian holiday will be packed with adventure. Popular tourist areas like the Mamanuca Islands, the Yasawa Islands, the Coral Coast and Denarau each offer a number of water sports, like water skiing, surfing, diving, snorkelling, paddle boarding, jet skiing and parasailing.

If you’re getting out of your comfort zone, keep in mind that medical facilities in Fiji are not up to the same standard as in Australia. Travellers should take particular care when visiting the more remote islands in Fiji, where emergency facilities are limited to the basic healthcare offered by resorts.

In serious cases, emergency repatriation to Australia may be required, which is extremely expensive for uninsured travellers. Some of our highest claims have resulted from emergency repatriation by air ambulance. 


Does my insurance cover extreme sports in Fiji?

We understand that extreme activities are all part of an unforgettable holiday in Fiji, which is why our International Comprehensive policy insures you for unlimited medical expenses and evacuation if required.

However, our policy doesn’t cover you for certain activities, like kitesurfing. For other activities like parasailing, you are only covered if you participate with a licensed operator. If you’re scuba diving in Fiji, it’s essential that you hold an open water diving certificate or are diving with a qualified instructor.  


Are my phone, laptop and camera covered if they’re lost, stolen or damaged?

Fiji is regarded as a safe and welcoming holiday destination where pickpocketing and petty theft aren’t great concerns. However, there have been incidents of scammers and thieves targeting tourists in the cities of Nadi and Suva.

We understand how frustrating an incident like theft can be on your otherwise perfect tropical holiday, which is why our International Comprehensive policy covers you for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items resulting from an unexpected event.


sports and activities in Fiji


How to avoid getting sick in Fiji

Unfortunately, Fiji has a growing reputation as a high-risk destination for food poisoning as a result of a few unlucky travellers becoming seriously ill. While most of the resorts offer high quality, fresh and safe food to guests, it only takes one raw prawn to send you running for the bathroom.

If you’re eating from the resort buffet, you should use your best judgement to avoid contaminated food. To avoid food poisoning from the buffet, remember to:

  • Eat fresh and well-cooked food
  • Avoid hot meals that have gone cold, and cold meals that have gone warm
  • Ensure you use clean and dry serving utensils
  • Avoid buffets without sneeze guards protecting the food from other guests

What you need to know

This page includes some information about our products but, as with all insurance policies, terms and conditions apply. For our terms and conditions (including information about exclusions, excesses and sub limits) we recommend you read the relevant policy documents to ensure our travel insurance products are right for you.

You can find the relevant documents for all our policies here: International Comprehensive, Annual Multi-trip, International Medical OnlyDomestic, Working Overseas, Visiting New Zealand, International Student 


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