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  • Trip type

    Do you want to cover a single trip or multiple trips?

    Single trip covers a single return journey overseas, up to 12 months long.

    Annual multi-trip covers an unlimited number of return journeys overseas over a 12 month period from the date your insurance starts which you can choose.

  • Dates

    When are you travelling?

    Select the dates you will depart from and return to New Zealand. 

    Cover starts on the date you select, and you will have 12 months of cover from this date.

  • Destinations

    Where will you be travelling?

    You should make sure it’s safe to travel to your destinations by checking for travel advisories on the SafeTravel website. To understand how travel warnings and advisories might impact your cover, check our frequently asked questions.


  • Travellers

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    You’re logged in, so we’ve filled in your age for you. For additional adult travellers, enter ages based on their age today. Adults must be between 18 and 118.

    Dependent kids go free!
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    5% discount when you tell us you or another policyholder have health insurance with Southern Cross Health Society. Only applies to base premium, not additional premiums for optional covers or reduced excess. Learn more.