8 places to spend your overseas experience

So you’ve decided to embark on an overseas experience (OE)! Maybe you’ve just graduated, or maybe you’re taking a break in your career to recharge your mind. Either way, it’s likely that this experience will mould and shape you, opening your eyes to new cultures and teaching you new skills that you wouldn’t gain in education or work.

In this article, we look at eight of the best places to spend your OE, but first, let's consider some of the reasons people choose to travel for a long spell.


Broaden your worldview

Immersing yourself in another culture feels like putting on a new pair of glasses. Everything in front of you stays the same, but it all looks different. A fresh take on the world changes you in fundamental ways during your OE.


Gain new skills

After your OE, you may return to the same work or studies you're pursuing now, but your year abroad adds to your reserve of skills. For instance, fluency in another language might be just the boost your career needs.


Expand your contacts

During your OE, it’s likely you'll meet a range of new people from all walks of life. Some may become career-long collaborators, others might become friends who crash on your sofa when they visit New Zealand. Speaking of which…


Make new friends 

One of the first-rate benefits of an overseas experience is making international friends. Through your new friends, you'll develop a nuanced understanding of a different culture, significantly adding to the richness of your life and relationships.


Prepare for growth

Living abroad is humbling. You'll use the wrong words. You'll get lost on public transportation. You may even have to rely on the assistance of complete strangers. And all of these experiences will refine you and set you on a pathway to more significant growth.


Best destinations for your overseas experience

1. Australia 

Best for: first-time, overseas experience travellers

Step away from your everyday life without having to cope with a foreign language or long-haul flights.

Australia is one of the most popular places for Kiwi backpackers to explore, and it’s easily accessible with a flight time of just over three hours from Auckland to Sydney. Close in proximity but not short on awe-inspiring sites, Australia is home to iconic cities, breathtaking wildlife and natural wonders, and no end of dazzling beaches.

Tick off those once-in-a-lifetime experiences snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, learning to surf on the Gold Coast, sailing in the Whitsundays, and discovering ancient lands in the outback. This is just a small taster of all the mind-blowing adventures you can embark on in Australia.

The Australian continent is huge, so plan your trip wisely, especially if you’ll be embarking on an epic road trip to traverse these lands. It’s also important to read up on road safety and hazards – don’t be surprised to see kangaroos and other wild creatures on the road!


2. England

Best for: history buffs and culture vultures

Whether you're seeking a big city experience in London or an idyllic farm existence in the Yorkshire Dales, England has you covered. Spend your OE tracking Roman roads and visiting Viking settlements. The past is always present in old England.

Multi-cultural London is a hugely popular destination for OE travellers, who flock to the city for its vibrant arts and culture, thriving food scene, and iconic landmarks. If you want to avoid the well-trodden path of travellers before you, check out some alternative things to do in London.

History lovers can take advantage of a National Trust membership while in the UK, which allows you to visit as many trust sites as you want during your visit, from exploring enchanted castles with grand mazes to magnificent stately homes fit for the Royals! There are over 500 places you can visit for just a few pounds a month.

London is also the perfect base for exploring further afield, with excellent transport links, whether you want to get a Megabus up to Scotland, a train direct to Paris, or a short flight over to several other hotspots in Europe.


3. Chile 

Best for: adventurous OE explorers

If you're ready to venture further afield, consider an OE in Chile! With roads less-travelled than those in neighbouring countries like Argentina and Brazil, Chile is an OE dream. Explorers relish Patagonia's jaw-dropping nature and scenery, and urban adventurers enjoy exploring the country's vibrant cities.

Expect to immerse yourself in Spanish during your time in Chile. It's easy to find Spanish language classes in larger cities like Santiago. You'll have plenty of opportunities for Spanish practice as you navigate the subway and bus systems, and shop for fresh, locally-grown produce.

Kick up your heels in a waltz-like Cueca dance on Sunday afternoons in Santiago's Plaza de Armas, or engage in an outdoor speed chess match. If it’s fresh mountain air you’re after, head to Laguna Torre or Torres del Paine National Park with its implausible vertical peaks.


4. Bali 

Best for: digital nomads on an overseas experience

Has life ever been better for tech-based workers? It's possible to stay connected just about anywhere, including spiritual hideaway Bali.

Spend your day surfing the breaks of South Bali or exploring the world-famous snorkelling in the Gili Islands. Between Bali's extendable visas and widespread use of English, digital nomads find the perfect balance on this tiny Indonesian island.

During your Bali-based OE, discover the iconic rice paddies, learn about the unique culture, perfect your yoga and meditation skills, or simply explore the endless tropical beaches that stretch along Bali’s coastline and beyond to the spattering of nearby islands.


5. Croatia 

Best for: universal spirits

If you'd like to fill your OE with a little bit of everything, Croatia's the destination for you. Having a hard time deciding between sandy beaches and soaring mountains? Croatia has both. Not sure if you want to visit medieval castles or 21st-century architecture? Again, Croatia.

This small country’s popularity has been steadily rising, perhaps in part because there are several spots that appeared in the TV show Game of Thrones. Or maybe it's because of its quirky museums, like the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb.

What can you expect from an OE in Croatia? Unlike the rest of Europe, the train system in Croatia isn’t always reliable, but they have an extensive bus service. Many young Croatians speak English, but if you want to talk with older generations, you'll need to learn Croatian, a worthy challenge for your experience.


6. USA 

Best for: road trippers and wanderers

With its mix of eclectic people and places, the USA offers skyscrapers, wide-open cowboy country, surf beaches and more.

Because the USA is so vast and diverse, decide what kind of OE you want before you start making arrangements. Some travellers may prefer to embark on a cross-country, film-inspired road trip, while others will prefer a foodie adventure in some of the country’s more tantalizing cities. But no matter where you choose to land, take some time to visit a few of its world-famous national parks.

You'll already speak the language, so you can use your OE to network, fine-tune your skills, or try something completely new.


7. Japan 

Best for: health-conscious travellers

The wisdom of the past meets tomorrow's technology in the Land of the Rising Sun. If you'd like to spend your OE improving your health, seek out Japan's soothing hot springs, nutritious cuisine and serene scenery.

Although it's small geographically, Japan is packed with gorgeous sites, like Mt. Fuji in the spring and the lush Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo. If all this doesn’t have you convinced, here are 8 reasons to fall in love with Japan.

Japan has a comprehensive bus system for long-distance travel, which is significantly cheaper than the fast speed bullet trains, but be prepared for longer journey times. Train stations in major cities have English signage for tourists, but some of the larger train stations can be quite overwhelming when it comes to navigating your way around, so be prepared to take your time and ask for assistance if necessary.

Prior research into Japanese culture and customs will pay off during your OE. Many visitors love the unapologetic embrace of tradition in modern life. And the language: it's difficult, but if you enjoy learning, it's a challenge to seize.


8. Canada

Best for: Adventure-seeking OE travellers

If you’re ready to embark on a thrilling OE adventure, Canada offers the perfect blend of stunning natural landscapes and exhilarating experiences. Picture yourself exploring the rugged beauty of the Canadian Rockies, kayaking on the pristine lakes and hiking through lush forests. Canada’s wilderness is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, from skiing in Banff to whale watching on the Atlantic coast.

Alternatively, the vibrant cities Vancouver and Toronto allow you to immerse yourself in diverse cultures and cuisines. Vancouver offers a thriving arts scene and is a foodies paradise, while Toronto is renowned for decent job opportunities for OE travellers. Canada’s beautiful scenery and vibrant cities, paired with the mostly-English-speaking culture make it an ideal OE destination.


Travel insurance cover while working

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