With Kiwi travellers for nearly 40 years

SCTI is part of the Southern Cross group; one of New Zealand’s most enduring and trusted brands. We’re 100% New Zealand owned, and have worked hard to forge a reputation as our country’s leading travel insurer.

Our team works a little differently to many travel insurance companies. We underwrite our own policies. This means that when you buy one of our products, you have the reassurance of knowing that standing behind the promises of cover is us, and not some third party company.


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What is travel insurance?

Travelling is all about discovering the unknown, so it’s no surprise that there can be a few hiccups along the way! Travel insurance is designed to protect you from these unexpected events, from the moment you book your trip to the day you return home. Whether you have an unexpected flight delay or medical emergency, we’re here to help. Let us worry about what could go wrong, so you can start dreaming about what will go right.

Travel insurance options for Kiwi travellers

Travel insurance for non-residents in New Zealand

Giving Kiwis a helping hand

As part of the Southern Cross Group, we’ve joined forces with Pause Breathe Smile and the Mental Health Foundation to help Kiwi kids navigate life’s ups and downs.


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