Working Overseas

Working Overseas




Get affordable cover while working

Travelling without travel insurance is a risk. Unexpected illness and accidents can happen to anyone, and when you are travelling overseas medical treatment or hospitalisation can quickly become very expensive. With our Working Overseas policy, you can enjoy your overseas experience, knowing that you have someone to turn to if things go wrong.

Flexible cover options

You can tailor the Working Overseas policy to meet your individual needs and budget, by choosing between Medical Only Cover or Full Cover. You can also choose between four levels of excess.

Great value benefits

With SCTI’s Working Overseas travel insurance, you get great benefits including:

  • 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance
  • Overseas hospitalisation expenses
  • Medical evacuation back to New Zealand
  • Medical escort back to New Zealand
  • GP and prescription expenses
  • Replacement staff cover

Our Full Cover plan also provides cover for travel cancellations, travel delays, personal items, personal liability and more.

You can even arrange to put your Southern Cross health insurance plan 'on hold', provided you are covered by our Working Overseas policy continuously for the whole time that you are away from New Zealand, (terms and conditions apply).

For more details of the cover provided for each plan, please read Key benefits for Working Overseas.

Applying for Working Overseas cover

Our Working Overseas policy automatically covers white collar and some types of manual work, excluding professional sport, heavy manual or hazardous work. For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) including Policy Wording, and if you’re unsure about the type of work you’re planning to do overseas, ask us.

This policy is designed for New Zealand citizens or residents travelling overseas for 1 month or longer, and is available to you whether you have a return, or one-way ticket.

Can I get covered if I’m already overseas?

It's best to apply for a Working Overseas policy before you leave New Zealand, but if you're already overseas it's not too late. Unlike standard travel insurance policies, you can buy a Working Overseas policy while you are outside of New Zealand and purchase further policies upon expiry.

What if I come back to NZ to visit?

We understand that as a long term traveller, you may want to visit New Zealand to catch up with family and friends and cover is included in the policy for temporary trips back to New Zealand for up to 30 days per journey. This cover will only apply if you hold a return ticket back to your main destination overseas.

What we don’t cover

We do not cover professional sport, heavy manual or hazardous work. We consider hazardous work to be any work or occupation (including paid, unpaid or voluntary), where you are exposed to an increased risk of physical danger, harm or any adverse health effects as a result of your duties and/or the location of your work, including but not limited to, the following occupations, activities and locations:

  • activities involving heights above two metres;
  • underground or underwater;
  • more than 22.2km offshore;
  • work with wild animals, including in zoos, safari parks, game reserves and sanctuaries;
  • Remote Areas;
  • construction sites;
  • operation of heavy machinery;
  • working with or around hazardous chemicals and/or materials;
  • work with firearms, explosives or weaponry of any kind;
  • forestry;
  • demolition;
  • activities as a member of the armed forces or fire, police and ambulance services.

Worldwide emergency assistance

All policies come with worldwide emergency assistance, giving you access to one of the world's largest network of emergency medical resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For a full list of benefits covered and the conditions and exclusions that apply please refer to the Policy Wording, which together with the Certificate of Insurance, makes up the contract of insurance.

*Terms and conditions apply to the promotion and to the purchase of a TravelCare policy.

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