Pacific Islands travel insurance

Pacific Islands travel insurance




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Planning a Pacific Islands holiday? It’s easy to get your travel insurance right here online.

Each year thousands of Kiwis fly to popular Pacific Islands such as Tonga, Fiji, Rarotonga, Samoa, Tahiti, Vanuatu, and Niue for fun, sun, sea and seclusion. If you’re planning a winter getaway or a school holiday break, there are many island destinations that offer the perfect beach holiday – but don’t forget your travel insurance.

It’s important to remember that although only hours away by air, the tropical Pacific Islands are not like home, and there are some unexpected natural hazards that you should to be aware of. Many of these islands, especially the smaller islands in the archipelago groups are remote, and health services might be less sophisticated and slower to respond than here at home. Even simple coral cuts and small insect bites can cause problems if not treated immediately.

Generally speaking, the Pacific Islands are more limited than New Zealand when it comes to medical resources, so it pays to get good insurance to safeguard yourself against the unexpected. For example it’s not uncommon for travellers to be air evacuated to a larger island or even back home to New Zealand where healthcare services aren’t available locally. This is when costs can start to ramp up for you if you don’t have adequate cover. For example an air evacuation often starts at around $50,000, and depending on the location can be a lot higher. This is easy to avoid however with the right travel insurance.

Tropical weather might also affect holiday plans, and insurance can protect you against the costs of flight delays and cancellation and interruptions to your journey. Holidays take energy to plan and lots of your hard-earned money to purchase, so get Southern Cross Travel Insurance as soon as you pay your deposits - and make sure your trip is a good one!


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