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Travelling to Asia?

Planning a trip to exciting Asia? Make sure you pack your Southern Cross Travel Insurance.

Asia is a popular and colourful destination for Kiwis looking for an affordable cultural holiday experience. Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan and China all have their own unique cultures and culinary flavours to enjoy. Whether you love the bustling big cities like Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo or Hanoi, or the seclusion and beauty of some of the most exotic beaches in the world - Boracay, Baucau or Da Nang - a holiday in Asia can be the experience of a lifetime.

However enchanting these destinations may be, it’s also important for Kiwis visiting Asia to be aware of some issues that we see resulting in claims. For example illnesses requiring early returns home cause the most expensive claims for travel to Asia, and the number of claims resulting from food poisoning is also very high. This where a few tips and of course some great travel insurance can help.

There are some simple precautions Kiwis can take. The most common problem we see is food poisoning. Though not necessarily life threatening, food poisoning can be debilitating and can have the potential to not only ruin the enjoyment of your holiday, but can also cut it short – which can be expensive. If you and your family have to cancel pre-paid activities or return home early, the personal costs to you can be high. So be careful what food you eat, watch how it is prepared, drink only bottled water and avoid ice in your drinks. And of course, get yourself good travel insurance before you go.

Above all, any trip to Asia is about enjoying the experience of a new and exciting culture. Of course there are unexpected things that may play havoc with your holiday plans – but you can protect yourself from much of it by simply organising Southern Cross Travel Insurance as soon as you purchase your flights. And of course kids and dependents 17 years and under are all covered free if they travel with an adult covered under the same policy.

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