Zika virus travel warning – 3 February 2016

Posted Date: 03 February 2016
Zika Virus 2016

If you purchased your policy prior to Monday 1st February 2016 Midday NZST:

There is cover under Section 1 of the TravelCare policy for medical expenses incurred during your journey in relation to the Zika virus. We will reimburse you for actual and reasonable medical expenses incurred or we will confirm payment for a qualifying hospital claim.

Please refer to ‘Section 1 – Medical & Evacuation’ on page 11 of your policy wording.

There is no cover for ‘Cancellation or Changes to Your Journey’ as currently no travel advisory risk ratings of ‘High’ or ‘Extreme’ have been issued on the Safetravel.govt.nz (www.safetravel.govt.nz) website in relation to the Zika virus. We do not cover ‘Cancellation or Changes to Your Journey’ if you or a member of your travelling party is disinclined or reluctant to travel.

Please refer to ‘Losses We Do Not Cover Under Section 2’, point (a) on page 12, and ‘General Exclusions of this Policy Applying to All Sections’, point 27 on page 10 of your policy wording.

Please be advised that pregnancy is a General Exclusion under the TravelCare policy, unless it meets the ‘Controlled Condition’ definition, in which case cover is for medical complications only. ‘Controlled Condition’ refers to a pregnancy up to and including the 20th week, providing the pregnancy was without complication. 

Please refer to ‘General Exclusions of this Policy Applying to All Sections’, point 7 on page 10, and ‘Controlled Condition’ on page 7 of your policy wording.

Although we cannot cover claims for cancellation or changes to your journey relating to the Zika virus, should you wish to amend your travel plans we recommend contacting your service provider. Airlines, accommodation providers and tour companies may provide refunds, credit notes or alter your bookings without charging additional fees.

If you purchased your policy on or after Monday 1st February 2016 Midday NZST:

There is no cover under your policy for any expenses you may incur as a result of the Zika virus, as this event is not considered to be unexpected from this date and time onward. You will be covered for other unexpected events according to the terms and conditions of your policy.


Don’t forget to check www.safetravel.govt.nz for any government travel advice.

Emergency Assistance

If you have an emergency, please contact our Emergency Assistance Team as soon as possible on

+64 9 359 1600.

Further questions

Please contact us at info@scti.co.nz. This advice should be read in conjunction with your PDS, including Policy Wording


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