Travel delay cover

Posted Date: 05 October 2015
Travel delay cover

Do you need travel delay cover?

No one can predict the future, but we can make sure we are prepared if the unexpected does happen, so we include travel delay cover in all of our TravelCare policies. We think it’s vital.

What is the true cost of getting stranded overseas?

Delays frequently strand holidaymakers overseas and can result in travellers missing either part or all of their trip. The cost of being delayed can be considerable, as was the case with Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano back in 2010. Thousands of travellers were stranded overseas and many more were prevented from traveling in the first place.

Each year we see thousands of claims relating to delayed or interrupted travel plans so we created this simple infographic to highlight some of the risks and compare the level of cover offered by travel insurers.

Travel delay cover infographic created by: Southern Cross Travel Insurance

What should you do if you’re delayed overseas?

If you’re delayed, the first port of call is to contact your service providers. Airlines, accommodation providers and tour companies may provide refunds, credit notes or alter your bookings free of charge if needed.

You should also contact your travel insurer to check what expenses your policy covers before paying out any extra costs.

Remember to keep all receipts for any additional expenses spent due to the delay - you’ll need them to make you claim.

What if you’re delayed whilst you’re still in New Zealand?

Again, you should check with your service providers to see whether your travel plans can be altered free of charge.

If your travel plans cannot be changed, contact your travel insurer to find out what you are covered for under your policy.

You should also head to Safe Travel for any government travel advice and updates.

For those needing to claim

If you need to submit a claim, it is essential to keep hold of all your original receipts for any additional expenses, along with documents where available (such as itineraries) that show the cost of your original and your altered travel plans.

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