Overseas stag and hen party mishaps

Posted Date: 14 February 2017
Stag hen do infographic

Overseas trips are fun, so what better way to celebrate an impending wedding than with a weekend away? Hens and stag parties are a great reason to get a group of friends together for a trip, but beware - anything can happen!

Overseas stag and hen do mishaps infographic created by: Southern Cross Travel Insurance


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Pre-wedding party problems…

From gastro to pick-pocketing, our survey revealed almost anything can happen at overseas hens and bucks nights!

Overseas hens and bucks parties are popular

1 in 5 have attended, to are planning to attend, a hens or bucks party overseas.

Hens’ hiccups

32% suffered from bad sunburn

9% lost the engagement ring!

29% had food poisoning

16% were pick-pocketed

6% lost passports, bank cards & phones

11% had to replace lost, stolen or damaged items

Unexpected costs are all too common…

28% have incurred unexpected costs while travelling for a bucks or hens party.

54% came from missed, cancelled and delayed flights.

39% of unexpected costs were due to medical care.

37% came from expensive restaurant bills.

27% ran up high room service bills.

21% ran up an expensive bar tab.

Bucks’ blunders

34% came down with the flu

23% had an accident

21% had to deal with terrible weather

18% were sick with gastro

8% suffered from dehydration

15% broke a bone

Some travellers are skimping on insurance!

24% of those who headed overseas for a bucks or hens party didn’t have travel insurance.

47% didn’t even consider it

15% forgot about insurance

11% couldn’t afford it

If you’re heading away for a pre-nuptial celebration, make sure you take us with you. Now get out there and enjoy celebrating your last night of freedom!

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