Travel insurance guides

Travel insurance guides




Planning a worldwide adventure to distant shores? Or a family vacation before the kids go back to school? Whatever your plans, great travel insurance can give you the peace of mind that you’re covered for unforeseen costs if the unexpected happens overseas.

But with so many options out there, finding the right cover for you isn’t always easy.

Whether you’re a student or senior, our award-winning TravelCare policy provides you with comprehensive cover, generous policy benefits and 24/7 support.*

Click below to discover why our TravelCare policy could be the perfect choice for your next holiday.

Senior couple on holiday

Senior travel insurance  

Whether it’s sailing away on a round-the-world cruise, or visiting family and friends on distant shores, senior travellers know that age is no barrier to living their dreams. With our comprehensive and affordable travel insurance for seniors, you can live yours too. Find out more >>


Travellers on a backpacking holiday

Backpacker travel insurance 

Being a backpacker is all about freedom and flexibility. Freedom and flexibility to change your mind, and to experience as much as possible – which includes travelling more affordably. Our TravelCare policy provides excellent protection for backpackers with comprehensive travel insurance that doesn’t break the bank. Find out more >>


Travellers at a fjord in Norway

Worldwide travel insurance 

If you’re planning a big trip, a few trips in one year, or you haven’t completely decided on all the destinations you want to visit, our worldwide cover might be the right option for you. With worldwide cover you can be as spontaneous as you like and ensure you still have great travel insurance. Find out more >>


Students sitting on a beach

Student travel insurance 

Heading overseas in your younger years is an unforgettable experience. But with so much to plan and so much to look forward to, it’s easy to overlook one of the most important things to pack: travel insurance. Whether you’re studying, volunteering, or just indulging in a well-earned gap year, you’ll need a great quality insurance policy to protect you from the unexpected. Find out more >>


Family on a city break

Family travel insurance 

Nothing beats enjoying an overseas adventure with the family in tow. Whether it be a tour of USA’s best theme parks, or a school holidays escape to a distant tropical shore, experiencing new things with the ones you love most is unforgettable. With the right travel insurance, it can be unforgettable for all the right reasons. Find out more >>


Children on a city break

Kids travel insurance

If you have a family and love to travel together, the good news is that kids go free on your travel insurance policy. All you need to do is add them under ‘Travellers’ Details’ when filling in our online form to ensure they are listed under your policy. That gives many parents some well-deserved peace of mind! Find out more >>


Young pregnant couple

Pregnancy travel insurance 

Are you planning a well-deserved holiday before your little miracle arrives? First things first, congratulations! Now down to business, because travelling while pregnant requires more planning and preparation than your average trip, and comprehensive travel insurance is important. Find out more >>


Cruise liner in the ocean

Cruise travel insurance 

There’s nothing better than exploring exciting destinations whilst aboard the comfort and luxury of a cruise ship. But like any holiday there are risks involved, and these can be particularly expensive on a cruise, so make sure you’re covered if the unexpected happens. Find out more >>


Child on a ski hill

Ski travel insurance 

Some of the best holidays include some mountain air, deep powder and amazing scenery. You’ll already know that it can be a costly past time with all the gear, travel and accommodation anywhere that’s alpine. But if something should go wrong whilst you’re at the top of a mountain, the cost of travel insurance will seem insignificant. Find out more >>


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