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What is a Pre-Existing Condition?

The Visiting New Zealand Policy Wording states:

‘Pre-Existing Condition’:  In relation to each person named on Your Certificate of Insurance, any medical or physical conditions (including congenital conditions, anomalies or defects but excluding congenital blindness and deafness), symptoms or circumstances which You are aware of, or a reasonable person in Your circumstances ought to have been aware of:

  1. for which advice, care, treatment, medication or medical attention has been sought, given, or recommended; or
  2. for which You are awaiting test results or further investigation, specialist treatment or specialist consultation; or
  3. which have been diagnosed as a medical condition, or indicative of a medical condition; or
  4. which are of such a nature to require, or which potentially may require medical attention; or
  5. which are of such a nature as would have caused a prudent, reasonable person to seek medical attention;

prior to Your Start Date of Insurance and regardless of whether or not a medical diagnosis has been made.

The terms ‘You’, ‘Certificate of Insurance’, ‘You’ and ‘Start Date of Insurance’ are defined in the PDS including Policy Wording.