Cover for COVID-19 - effective from 11 August 2021

Does Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) offer cover for COVID-19?

We offer limited cover for events relating to COVID-19, only if you buy one of our Domestic or TravelCare travel insurance policies. 

  • Medical expenses if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 while on your journey (TravelCare only)
  • Costs to change your travel arrangements if you or a relevant person are diagnosed with COVID-19 before you leave and your journey is cancelled or amended (TravelCare and Domestic)
  • Costs to change your travel arrangements if you or a relevant person are diagnosed with COVID-19 after you leave and your journey is interrupted or cut short (TravelCare and Domestic)

It’s important to know that we don’t cover all COVID-19 related events.


Do I get the COVID-19 benefits wherever I choose to travel?


If you buy our TravelCare policy, cover only applies when you are travelling to a destination with a SafeTravel website of ‘Exercise normal safety and security precautions’ (level 1) or ‘Exercise increased caution’ (level 2). This is typically limited to countries with a quarantine-free travel arrangement with New Zealand.  


Is there cover if my travel is affected by a lockdown or a change in travel advisory by the government?

There is no cover under our TravelCare or Domestic policy for government restrictions, lockdowns, or any pause to quarantine-free travel. 


Is there more information that I need to know?

Full details of how you are covered are included in the relevant endorsement for your policy. You can find the TravelCare endorsement here and the Domestic endorsement here

These documents provide information about how events related to COVID-19 are covered by your policy. While you can use them to help you decide if the policy is right for you, you’ll need to read the endorsement and your Policy Document together to understand what else you are — and are not — covered for. 


Does SCTI offer COVID cover for its other products? 

We don’t currently offer cover for any event related to COVID-19 under our International Student, Working Overseas or Visiting New Zealand policies.