Get inspired: wanderlust travel videos

Posted Date: 11 December 2015
Wanderlust video tips

We challenged travel blogger Brooke Saward to create a three-part video series for Southern Cross Travel Insurance, looking at the common risks we face on holiday and what travellers can do to avoid getting into trouble. Get inspired as she takes us through the streets of Morocco, the beaches of Bali and the mountains of Canada.

In each video, Brooke heads off to explore exotic locations to find out whether you really need travel insurance, as well as giving SCTI readers some top tips for travelling smart. Check out her exciting adventures as she explores the globe.

How to get scammed on holiday

Have you ever been a victim of crime on your vacation? Frequent flyer Brooke knows how easily things can go wrong on holiday. Our research shows that over 60% of travellers surveyed had encountered crime overseas. We follow Brooke as she jets off to the beautiful island of Bali, giving tips on how you can avoid trouble in paradise.

Moroccan madness

Come on a whirlwind adventure with Brooke as she takes a look at the culture, the food and the risks in the ancient world of Morocco. Research carried out by SCTI shows that the average traveller takes $5,000 worth of tech gear on holiday. In this video, Brooke looks at what you can do to keep your gadgets safe when travelling.

Into the True North

Bears, snakes storms, wolves! In this video, Brooke sets off to Canada to explore the wild side of travel.  Brooke spends her week kayaking, bear watching and flying over Canada’s stunning lakes and glaciers. She encounters beautiful wilderness and nature as she tests the limits of her travel insurance, looking at all the things that could go wrong.

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