Top frustrations of a Kiwi traveller

Posted Date: 07 August 2013
Top frustrations of NZ travellers

Travel delays and bad or inferior accommodation rank right at the top of the list of irritations for Kiwi travellers, according to a recent TNS survey commissioned by Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI), where 2,000 Kiwis told us what frustrates, infuriates and annoys them the most while they travel on holiday.

Over a third of them, 39%, said travel delays exasperated them the most, with accommodation issues (including an increasing problem of bed-bug, even in quality hotels) coming in second at 26%. Surprisingly ‘other tourists’ ranked as the third highest annoyance at 9%.

Craig Morrison, CEO of Southern Cross Travel Insurance finds the survey results particularly interesting and useful. He says that given the level of preparation and planning that people put into their holidays and travel itineraries, it is understandable that they expect the reality of their trip to live up to expectations.

"For the majority of people an overseas trip has meant months - sometimes years of saving, and the resulting trip is often highly anticipated. Disruptions because of the weather or the hotel room being of lower quality than advertised can cause justifiable upset."

The level of frustration due to travel delays means that 67% of travellers regard cover for missed connections as a key reason for buying travel insurance.

Of course cover for medical expenses remains the most common reason for Kiwis in our survey to purchase travel insurance, coming in at a whopping 92%. We find that this also relates accurately to our claim figures, which show from August 2012 to July 2013, 45% of all claim costs were related to medical.

While some things are unavoidable, Morrison says that savvy travellers can minimise the risk of encountering the things that bug them the most. "Everyone loves a bargain, but cheap flights and holidays may be more susceptible to unexpected travel interruptions and cancellations. Equally, if you don’t particularly like children, avoid travelling during school holidays."

Some helpful tips to help before you travel:

  • review customer comments about accommodation before booking
  • avoid crowds by reviewing the most popular visiting times like school holidays
  • arrive early to avoid queues, or visit popular sites during the week, rather than weekends

Some other interesting insights that came out of the survey include:

  • men from Tauranga and women from Dunedin are more likely to be agitated by travel delays
  • more women from Hamilton and men living outside the main cities generally tend to get annoyed over accommodation not meeting expectations

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