Reviving your soggy cellphone

Posted Date: 09 May 2014
Soggy cellphone

8 tips for a water damaged mobile phone!

Everyone takes their mobile phone with them on holidays these days, however because you’re on holiday, you’re relaxed - sometimes maybe just a little bit too relaxed! Unfortunately, a water damaged mobile phone is a common claim, and surprisingly we hear that mobiles are even dropped into the toilet.

If your mobile falls into the water, it’s all over right? Well not always - there are a few things you could try that might bring your precious phone back to life, so you’re not left stranded while on holiday.

1. Get it out of the water!

Remove the phone from the water as quickly as you can. It sounds silly, but seconds count!

2. Do NOT try to turn it on

This can cause short circuits and potentially ruin the phone irrevocably.

3. Remove the battery immediately

This will remove the power source that may cause damage to circuitry. This will also allow the insides of the phone to dry out - you can soak up any droplets by dabbing the phone gently with a soft paper tissue. Sorry iPhone users – this trick won’t work for you.

4. Let the components air dry

If you can, open up your phone as much as possible to let it air dry. With most modern phones the SIM card is the only thing that can be removed, but if yours has other removable pieces such as a cover, the battery or SD card, take them out to dry also.

5. Use rice to absorb the moisture

You can try putting your phone in a sealed bag with dry rice - some of the moisture will be drawn out and absorbed by the surrounding rice. This would take a day or so to work, so don’t be in a hurry. You could also try silica sachets (sometimes found in a camera bag).

6. Be patient

Don’t try to speed the process up by using heat from a hair dryer or oven! Heat generally damages electronics – so don’t be tempted!

7. Give it a try

If you’ve followed these steps and are confident the phone is thoroughly dry, you could put it back together and give it a try. If it turns on, you can then test the phone’s functions to make sure it’s fully operational.

8. Contact a mobile phone supplier

If available, visit a phone shop or supplier while you are overseas. They might be able to give you tips on how to recover data from your phone. Ask them for an inspection report, you’ll need one if you are going to make a claim when you return.

We get literally hundreds of claims for damaged cellphones every year, but the most frustrating part for any traveller is the loss of data, precious memories and even stored travel information. We hope that this article may help those few who can breathe new life back into their device, even if its temporary. Of course, make sure you also have TravelCare travel insurance to cover your precious devices!

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