School holidays: travelling with kids

Posted Date: 16 April 2014
School Holidays

School holidays are fast approaching… travelling with children can be daunting, so here are a few tips that could make life easier.

Prior to booking

Check whether the resort or hotel you’re staying in has a babysitting service or kids club if you need it. Look out for special family deals - many resorts and hotels offer free children’s meals.

Book seats early

Give yourself plenty of time, especially if you’re travelling long distance. If you have a baby, it pays to reserve a bassinet for the flight. If you can, book a night flight so they can sleep for most of the journey.


If you need to take medicine, ensure bottles are under 100mls. Take a travel size first aid kit with essentials; band-aids, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser. If your child has serious allergies, make a card listing them in the language of the country you’re travelling to.


Take an activity travel pack including favourite colouring in books and crayons and include smaller games i.e. cards. Mini packs of play dough can also come in handy, especially in cramped places. If you have a digital device, load it up with apps ready to go - and don’t forget the chargers.


Busy airports, transport hubs and foreign cities can be scary for kids - write your name and local contact details on your child’s arm or on a piece of paper kept in their backpack or pocket, in case they get lost. Have a plan - decide on a meeting point in case anyone gets separated. Promising a reward for staying together can work as a good incentive.


Check your children’s passports are up to date, they might not fly as frequently as you and passports expire after 5 years.

Inflight essentials

Pack a small bag that can slot under the seat in front of you - this will save you having to rummage through the overhead locker later on. Re-sealable plastic bags for snacks are handy.

Toddlers and young kids

Pre-book rental pushchairs, port-a-cots and car seats at your destination. It will save you either paying for excess luggage or carting these items around. There are many baby hire companies online that rent out essentials and can offer delivery options to your accommodation. Check the local laws about age limits for child’s car seats.

Remember to enjoy yourself!

Amongst the hustle and bustle of travelling with the kids, take lots of photos to preserve memories of your family trip. Postcards, maps and ticket stubs are handy and cheap to collect, and make great keepsakes.

The essentials

Don’t forget to take your child’s favourite ‘snuggly’. But also make sure it comes home again safely too!


In case the unexpected should happen, protect your family holiday - remember to take out Southern Cross Travel Insurance!

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