Carry-on packing tips

Posted Date: 20 October 2015
Pack like a pro

Disorganised when it comes to travelling? Confused about baggage rules? We’ve shared some simple tips for packing your carry-on luggage like a pro to make your trip planning even easier.

Carry-on packing tips infographic created by: Southern Cross Travel Insurance

Pack like a pro

Southern Cross Travel Insurance has a few tips for getting you through your flight happily and safely.

Know your limits

Carry-on size and weight limits can vary. Carry-on limits are different for each airline and differ between international and domestic. Remember to check with the airline for the limits that apply to all your flights, including any connections.

Toiletry troubles

Don’t lose your precious liquids. Decant liquids into 100ml bottles for your carry-on luggage. Larger amounts can be carried in your checked luggage.

Expensive electronics

Keep them with you, so you can look after them. Your travel insurance will only cover them if they are in the cabin with you. Specify expensive items when you buy your insurance. If you don’t need it, leave it at home.

Spring clean your bag

Everyday items can cause you grief. These days, your nail scissors or pocket knife are all under scrutiny, Check your carry-on bag before you go through customs, that way any prohibited items can be transferred to your checked luggage.

The family jewels

Some things money can’t buy. Remember to specify high value items when you’re getting travel insurance and if you want it covered, you’ll need to take it as carry-on luggage. In general, keep anything expensive close to you or locked up safe. If you can’t bear to lose it, consider leaving it at home.


It can be easy to forget but hard to acquire. Medication may be confiscated if it’s not in the original packaging. A doctor’s script will prove you need the medication and you can replace anything that’s lost. Take enough to last you, as your insurance won’t cover replacement medication unless it’s lost. Simple pain relief can be hard t come by inflight so take your own.

Entertain me

Electronic or paper books are great for combating travel boredom. E-readers are light, compact and can contain many books, magazines and newspapers. They may have to be switched off during takeoff and landing, so you might want to take magazines too.

Power up

If it won’t switch on before the flight, you may not be allowed to take it on board. A device that won’t power up is seen as a potential security threat and won’t be allowed on the aircraft, so ensure there’s enough charge before you start your journey. You can usually top up during the flight too. Look around before you disembark so you don’t forget devices that are charging.

Final checks

Get it all together as you’re descending. Make sure you have all your important documents such as passport, customs declaration card and itinerary to hand before you touch down. Check the pockets in front of you and under the seats to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.

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