Which Pacific Island is right for you?

Posted Date: 01 February 2017
Pacific Island infographic

If sun, sand and relaxation is your thing, the Pacific Islands are hard to beat. Take our quiz below to see which one suits you best, so you can start planning your next tropical vacation!

Which Pacific Island is right for you? infographic created by: Southern Cross Travel Insurance

We love the Pacific Islands! They’re all about beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, tropical climates and warm welcomes. An island holiday is the ideal way to enjoy a break from everyday stress, relax and recharge. Best of all, each beautiful Pacific paradise is unique in its own way. From Tahiti to Tonga, take our quiz to find your perfect tropical destination.

  1. Love your creature comforts, or prefer authentic experiences?

Class and comfort (go to 2)

Keep it real (go to 3)

  1. What will you pack?

Bikini, sun lotion and sarong (go to 4)

Snorkel, flippers and exercise gear (go to 3)

Laptop, alarm clock and schedule (read next)

The Pacific Islands run on ‘island time’ and there’s nothing that can’t be left until tomorrow. If you like running to schedule, an island holiday might not be for you...

Tip: All of the Pacific Islands have great snorkelling and beautiful beaches.

  1. Would you rather spend on nice accommodation or activities and experiences?

Accommodation (go to 4)

Experiences (go to 5)

  1. Shopping and restaurants or room service and pampering?

Shopping (go to 6)

Pamper me (go to 7)

Tip: Most islands have local markets with food and crafts, but Hawaii has designer outlets and malls.

  1. Adventure activities, culture experiences or rest and relaxation?

Activities (go to 8)

R&R (go to 9)

Culture (go to 12)

Tip: The islands all have great activities on offer, from boat cruises to snorkelling, hiking and even ziplining.

Tip: Traditional dance, music and food & drink ceremonies are all part of island culture.

  1. Surfing and swimming or sunbathing and massage?

Surfing (go to 10)

Sunbathing (go to 11)

Tip: Even if surfing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of water activities on offer, or you can learn something new!

  1. Family fun or grown up time?

Family (go to 10)

Adults (go to 11)

Tip: Tahiti is a popular honeymoon destination, with many celebrity guests visiting.

  1. Would you rather go diving, enjoy a boat cruise, or enjoy land-based activities?

Cruise (go to 11)

Dive (go to 13)

Land (go to 14)

Tip: There’s great diving throughout the Pacific Islands. 

  1. Are you taking the kids?

No (go to 14)

Yes (go to 12)

Tip: Many Island resorts cater to families, with kids’ clubs and nannies available.

  1. Small and remote or large and exciting?

Large (go to Hawaii)

Small (go to Fiji)

Tip: Hawaii has a population of almost 2 million people.

  1. Would you rather speak familiar English or exotic French?

English (go to Fiji)

French (go to Tahiti)

Tip: Tahiti and Vanuatu both have French speaking natives.

  1. Would you rather have organised activities or peace and quiet?

Activities (go to Rarotonga)

Peace! (go to Samoa)

  1. Would you rather dive amongst WWII shipwrecks or whales?

Wrecks (go to Vanuatu)

Whales (go to Tonga)

Tip: Humpback whales migrate via Tonga annually.

  1. Are you more interested in local culture or local wildlife?

Wildlife (go to Tonga)

Culture (go to Samoa)

Tip: Turtles, rays, tropical fish, whales, dolphins and dugongs can be found in the Pacific.

  1. Hiking in rainforests or exploring on off-road buggies?

Hiking (go to Vanuatu)

Buggies (go to Rarotonga)


This place has something for everyone. Designer shopping, high rises, classy restaurants and luxury resorts mix with great surfing and breathtaking volcano hikes. Hawaii’s infrastructure means even if the weather isn’t perfect, you’ve still got plenty of options. It’s a long flight, but it’s worth it for all that’s on offer.


Samoa is beautiful, peaceful and proudly traditional. Enjoy performances like the fire dance, visit a Samoan village and eat a traditional feast, or just relax by the beach. These experiences are truly authentic. If you want to enjoy yourself in peace without the fuss, Samoa is the island for you.


Tahiti, Bora Bora and the Society Islands are romantic and very picturesque. They’re famous for stunning clear waters   and expensive luxury resorts.  The native language is French, but all resorts cater for English speaking guests. Be prepared to pay top dollar, but it’s worth every cent.


Rarotonga is a great destination for families and adults alike, with a laid back atmosphere, friendly locals and beautiful beaches. Rarotonga is affordable and also family friendly. There are plenty of activities too; such as off road buggying, hiking to the island’s summit and boat trips around the lagoon.


Fiji hosts over 750,000 tourists per year and it’s easy to see why.  This island group caters to everyone; with family resorts offering activities and kids clubs, luxury resorts with all the trimmings, diving, hiking and native village experiences. Stay on the mainland or head to a smaller island - in Fiji, the possibilities are endless and the people are famous for their friendly welcomes.


Tonga is beautiful, relaxed and quiet, with many islands. It’s location and casual atmosphere means eco and nature tourism are growing rapidly. Meet turtles, swim with humpback whales, learn about coral and conservation or embark on a glass bottom boat trip in this stunning natural wonderland. It’s an ideal location for an environmental experience without fuss.


Vanuatu is often called the adventure capital of the Pacific. The islands here feature beautiful resorts amongst the wild landscape. Enjoy zip lining, hiking, game fishing, horse trekking and scuba diving amongst shipwrecks! This environment is full of untouched tropical wonders and history. It’s   a bit more intrepid, so perhaps more suited to adults than family trips with younger children.

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