Getting sick on holiday

Posted Date: 29 May 2017
Get sick on holiday

You’ve been dreaming of this holiday for months, you’ve mentally packed your bags a thousand times and written lists for every situation needed. The last thing on your mind is falling ill or getting hurt, but unfortunately it can happen.

We don’t want to stop you from travelling to the far corners of the world, but we do want you to come home in one piece, so check out our travel tips to make sure your trip goes without a hitch.

A map of what’s hot and what’s not

Health organisation International SOS has published an International Health Risk map that highlights the standards of healthcare in popular tourist destinations around the world. It assesses the quality of medical and dental care, access to prescription drugs, infectious diseases, and cultural and language barriers around the world.

Where should I get medical treatment?   

If you need medical attention whilst overseas and you’re worried about the standard of care, call our Emergency Assistance team immediately. You’ll be able to speak directly with our experts who can give you advice on where to seek medical care and arrange a payment guarantee. If necessary, we will make recommendations and arrangements to move you to more suitable facilities.

Beware of steep medical bills!

We’ve all heard horror stories of someone hurting themselves in America and the medical costs financially crippling them because they didn't have travel insurance.

Some countries, such as the USA and Switzerland, have extremely high health care costs. You may have to pay for treatment, surgeries, medicines, medical supplies, ambulance transportation, nurses, doctors fees and more.

If you need emergency medical treatment and you don’t have insurance, the hospital will expect you to pay the bill. In some cases, they will require a large deposit before you receive any care.

Alternatively, if you are with Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI), please give us a call so that we can determine whether you are covered under your policy. If you’re covered, we will liaise with the hospital directly to arrange payment for your treatment.

What makes us sick?

At SCTI, some of the most common places that our customers get sick or injured include South East Asia, Indonesia, Philippines, Fiji and Bali. Some of the most expensive countries we see claims for include USA, France and Switzerland.

The most common illnesses we see claims for are gastro bugs, ear infections, flu-like illness, skin infections, allergies, insect bites and, of course, accidents.

What should I do if I fall ill?

If you have a minor medical problem seek treatment from a registered medical practitioner. You’ll need to pay the costs at the time but you can claim this online. You’ll need to submit a claim to us for reimbursement so it is important to retain all original receipts, and ask for a copy of all consultation notes from the treating doctor, as these will be needed in order to assess your claim.

If a major illness or accident occurs and you’re hospitalised make sure you or someone acting on your behalf calls our Emergency Assistance team. We will confirm payment for a qualifying claim so you can receive the treatment you need without delay.

Advice from the experts

Here are some top tips from the Emergency Assistance team here at SCTI:

  • Carry a basic medical kit with you on your trip
  • Keep a list of your prescription medications and known medical conditions in a handy place - in case of emergency this will be one of the first questions you will be asked by medical professionals
  • Ask your hotel staff if they can recommend a certified local facility or doctor who can come to the accommodation and see you if necessary
  • Always ask for a medical report and receipt for claiming purposes
  • In less developed countries, eat at the most popular food outlets - the food is more likely to be fresher with less chance of contamination
  • Avoid witch doctors at all costs

If you have an accident or become sick, call Southern Cross Emergency Assistance on +64 9 359 1600.

We can co-ordinate emergency medical evacuation, keep your immediate family advised of your situation and provide payment guarantees to hospitals or emergency clinics.

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