Cyclone Donna – 4 May 2017

Posted Date: 08 May 2017
Cyclone Donna May 2017

If you purchased your policy prior to Thursday 4 May 2017 8.00am NZST, and your pre-paid travel plans have been affected by Cyclone Donna:

There is cover under your policy if you have to alter your pre-paid travel plans (including domestic flights with an immediate connection within 12 hours to an international flight). We will reimburse you the lower of either:

(a) the total value of your actual and reasonable additional alteration costs; or
(b) the total value of your unused, prepaid costs.

Please contact your service provider in the first instance. Airlines, accommodation providers and tour companies may provide refunds, credit notes or alter your bookings without charging additional fees.

If you submit a claim with us, please send the following:

  • Original receipts for any additional expenses you may incur.
  • Documents (such as itineraries) that show us the cost of your original and your altered travel plans.
  • Documentation from your service provider stating their policy regarding compensation/refunds relating to Cyclone Donna.

The relevant policy excess will apply to all claims.

If you are currently overseas and your return to your home town or city in New Zealand is affected by Cyclone Donna, your policy will automatically extend until you are able to return on the next available flight. You do not need to contact us to organise this extension.

Please refer to ‘Section 2 - Changes to Your Journey’ in your PDS, including Policy Wording for further information.

If you purchased your policy prior to Thursday 4 May 2017 8.00am NZST, and your pre-paid travel plans have not been affected by Cyclone Donna:

If you have not yet departed New Zealand, and your flights and accommodation are still operating and available, there would be no cover provided to alter your trip.

If you purchased your policy on or after Thursday 4 May 2017 8.00am NZST:

As this situation is not considered to be unexpected from this date and time, there is no cover under your policy for any expenses you may incur as a result of Cyclone Donna. You will still be covered for other unexpected events according to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Emergency Assistance

If you have an emergency, please contact our Emergency Assistance Team as soon as possible on +64 9 359 1600.

Further questions

Please contact us at This advice should be read in conjunction with your PDS, including Policy Wording.

Don’t forget to check for any government travel advice.