Crazy stories of 2017

Posted Date: 07 December 2017
Crazy traveller stories 2017

It’s never fun when things go wrong on holiday, and as 2017 has shown us, just about anything can happen! We’ve heard some crazy stories this year, from wild animals to unfriendly locals, and everything in between. Here are some of the outrageous stories we’ve come across and some tips on how to deal with these kinds of scenarios.

1. Grab and go

We’ve seen many accounts of people having necklaces or bracelets ripped right off their bodies while on holiday. Theft is never a pleasant experience, but physically coming to grips with a stranger is even more distressing.

Even if it’s inexpensive jewellery, it might be a better idea to leave it at home, especially in areas where poverty or crime are common. If you’re heading out to a crowded area such as a market, we recommend you leave any valuables you don’t need in the hotel safe. If you’ve got anything that’s irreplaceable or sentimental, consider not taking it on holiday at all.

2. Crafty creatures

A traveller was holidaying at a relative’s house in the UK. After popping out for dinner, they returned to discover a fox had managed to sneak into the house and rummage through their luggage! The fox had destroyed multiple items of clothing and was even caught red-handed with a particularly expensive shoe.

This goes to show that even if you’re staying with relatives, it’s still important to keep your valuables tucked away safe, and ensure windows and doors are locked.

3. Car capers

One family had a problem with a rental vehicle, which auto-locked itself with the keys inside. The family were packing their car with the engine running, when it locked itself with the keys in the ignition and their young child in the back. Roadside assistance had to break a window to rescue the little one.

This isn’t something that anyone can predict, but you can do your best to avoid unexpected problems like this by thoroughly checking with the rental company about all the vehicle features before you drive away. If you know the model you’re booking in advance, it can also be a good idea to check online for any problems or features specific to that model, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

4. Splash and dash

One poor traveller had her bag snatched from around her waist, which threw her off balance straight into a canal in Italy! Luckily her injuries were only minor and she didn’t catch any illnesses from the dirty water. Unfortunately, the bag and its contents were long gone.

Just like the jewellery issue, out of sight is out of mind when it comes to other valuables too. Keep your valuables concealed and secured, and carry as little on you as possible. If you do need to carry a bag, make sure it’s not an expensive one and be sure to split your money between a couple of places so that if your bag does go missing, all your money and valuables won’t.

5. Mexican misadventures

One of the more shocking stories we came across this year was a traveller who was held up by bandits in Mexico. This unfortunate traveller was robbed of all their possessions while held at gun point. Although it sounds like something out of a movie, this story just goes to show that anything can happen while travelling.

It’s important to do lots of research if you’re heading to a destination where crime is a problem. As we mentioned before, avoid flaunting any personal belongings that look expensive as this could attract the wrong kind of attention. If you ever find yourself in a nightmare situation like this, remember that your safety is more important than any possessions you may have.

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