Christmas in Australia

Posted Date: 29 March 2014
Christmas in Australia

Sure we share a similar culture – we love our outdoors and our sports. Jandals, barbies and an easy going lifestyle over the summer break make the differences between the two countries seem minor. Perhaps for this reason many Kiwis don’t bother to worry about travel insurance when visiting Australia.

The reality however is that travellers need to be very aware of the potential issues that come with a warmer tropical climate. We all take for granted walking around in the summer barefoot in New Zealand, but take a look around at how many Australians do this next time you’re there. This is far from being a safe practice in Australia where many of the local spiders, snakes, lizards and other animals bite, some with poisonous and even potentially fatal venoms.

Coral cuts, stings from jellyfish and dangerous rockfish are also local hazards that the savvy Australian takes in his or her stride, but could cause havoc with your holiday – or worse.

In many cases hospital attention is close at hand for Kiwis, due to a reciprocal health agreement New Zealand has with Australia. If an illness or injury stops you from flying however - a simple plaster cast on a broken arm could do it -  you could be looking at a rather expensive and unwanted delay to your return home, which could leave you severely out of pocket.

There may also be other expenses incurred that wouldn’t be covered, including blood tests, ambulance rides, possible evacuation from a remote location, accommodation extensions, connecting flight cancellation fees and new tickets – all of which could contribute to your holiday becoming a lot more expensive than you planned.

Make sure you can relax in Aussie this Christmas, knowing you’re covered. It’s cheap and easy to get Southern Cross Travel Insurance online, right now!


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