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Travel Insurance for Australia

Planning a trip to Australia? Get great travel insurance right here online from as little as $15*.

Australia is like a second home for many Kiwis – and a holiday is a chance to experience exciting cities, gold sand beaches and great shopping. Every year thousands hop across the Tasman to ‘Oz’ for fun in the sun, or to visit friends and family. Whether you love the buzz of the big cities - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth...or prefer the theme parks, beaches and sunshine of Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast, or Tasmania - a trip to Australia can turn even a long weekend into a great and affordable holiday. But don’t forget to pack your travel insurance.

Though only hours away, Australia is unlike New Zealand in many ways, and it pays to take Southern Cross Travel Insurance, no matter how short your trip.

Although New Zealanders have a reciprocal health agreement with Australia for some healthcare services, illness and injury still cause the largest number of claims from travellers holidaying in Australia, followed by flight delays. Many parts of the country are remote, with health services harder to access than in New Zealand. On top of this, many of the Aussie inhabitants can bite! Unfortunately, some animal, snake and insect bites can be very serious indeed. Delays in receiving treatment are simply not an option, and immediate treatment is necessary - which can be costly. 

If something causes a disruption to your holiday, you need to make sure you’re well covered. For example if you or your family have to cancel pre-paid activities, or return home early, the personal costs to you can be high. This is where good travel insurance can help.

It’s important to get cover for your trip with Southern Cross Travel Insurance as soon as you pay your deposits. Our travel insurance is specifically designed for New Zealanders travelling on leisure holidays to places like Australia. And of course kids and dependents 17 years and under are all covered free if they travel with an adult covered under the same policy.

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*The price advertised is for TravelCare purchased online, Single Journey, for 2 days, individual cover for ages 0-64, to destinations including Australia, Fiji, Tahiti and Samoa. It does not include any specified items or surcharges for pre-existing medical conditions.